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School procedures


If your child is absent from school, arrives late or needs to leave early, a written note of explanation should be sent to school within a week of the absence, stating the reason and date.  A pro-forma absence note can be obtained from the office.

Whenever possible medical / dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. 

The Rankin’s Springs Public School Attendance Policy is available from the office upon request.

Medical details and emergency contact information

Emergency contact details and medical information are collected by the school upon enrolment.  Please help us keep these details complete and accurate by informing us of any changes in the phone numbers or addresses of parents and carers or emergency contacts.  Please notify us of any new health problems affecting your child as they emerge, as well as any changes to the way existing medical conditions are managed.

Individual health care plans

An individual health care plan must be developed for any student:

  • Diagnosed with severe asthma, type 1 diabetes, epilepsy or anaphylaxis and/or
  • Diagnosed as being at risk of an emergency and/or
  • Who requires the administration of health care procedures.

If your child requires an individual health care plan, please discuss the matter with the principal. 


Individual health care plans will provide details for the use of medication in managing any chronic (long term) medical conditions or illnesses.  When a child requires prescribed medication to manage an acute (short term) medical condition or illness, they are required to bring a note detailing the administration and storage requirements of the medication as well as permission for staff to administer the medication and/or supervise the child as they take it.  The note along with the medication is to be handed in at the office immediately upon arrival at school. 

Please note, students are not permitted to keep medication on their persons or in their school bags unless agreed upon in an Individual Health Care Plan. 

Please contact the office if you require a pro-forma note for medication.

Illness and injury

Students reporting feeling unwell during school hours will be encouraged to drink plenty of water and rest.  If the complaint persists after a rest, parents will be contacted.  If a child is injured at school the First Aid Officer will determine the most suitable course of action. 

Parents will be notified of any serious injury or bump to the head that their child receives at school.  If we are unable to contact the parents, we may seek to contact one of their nominated emergency contacts. 

In any instance where we deem it necessary to call an ambulance we will do so.  The cost of this will be covered by the school’s ambulance insurance.


Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children are up to date with their immunisations and are required to provide an Immunisation Certificate at the time of enrolment.  This information is crucial in order for the school to respond appropriately to the outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease in the school.

Exclusion due to disease

If a child has one of the childhood diseases they will have to stay at home until well.  Unimmunised children who have been in contact with the sick child must stay at home during the breakout.  This will prevent the disease from spreading to others in the school community.

A brochure that outlines the diseases and contagious skin conditions and the time required to stay away from school is available from the office.

Further information about the management of medication, injury and illness is available in the Rankin’s Springs Public School Health and First Aid policies.

Visiting school

We love to have visitors, but it is a requirement that all visitors sign the visitors book (located in the office) on arrival, and sign out again just before they leave.

Sending money to school

There may be a number of occasions when it is necessary to send money to the school, for example when paying for an excursion or activity.  All such money should be handed in to the class teacher upon arrival at school.  The exact payment should be placed in an envelope marked clearly with your child’s name and reason for payment.  The school does not keep money on the premises and therefore finds it difficult to provide change.  Please seal envelopes carefully as coins often slip out.

Lost property

All personal items must be clearly marked with the name of the owner.  This allows them to be quickly returned when misplaced.  Items that are found but not clearly labelled will be kept in the office for a limited time.  Please contact the office if you are seeking any ‘lost property’.