Rankin's Springs Public School

Pride in Effort

Telephone02 6966 1206


From Year 3 to 6


Human society and its environment

Creative arts

  • Paint a Poster draw an online picture for everyone to see
  • Play Music try writing your own music, take a look at an orchestra and listen to music.
  • Hoedown Throwdown learn the dance moves to Miley Cyrus's hoedown throwdown
  • Hip Hop learn a hip hop routine

Personal development, health and physical education


Fun stuff

  • Dress Up Doll Love fashion? Then try out this site.
  • Figaro Pho Help Figaro Pho collect all his cards. But beware of the many phobias that haunt him
  • Build a Monster search the mansion and find body parts to help put the monster back together
  • Nickelodeon heaps of fun and games
  • Disney all your favourites are here
  • Bigpond Kids heaps of fun stuff to do here


There are a million things you can do online. Most of the time things go well. You have fun, chat to your friends and play games. But sometimes things don't go to plan and you don't know why or what to do about it. Visit these sites and get cyber smart.